Connecting the Dots for Your Pharmacy’s Sales & Marketing Initiatives.

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ATRIUM24 guides your pharmacy’s sales & marketing structure. Our newest innovation, Dotti, empowers you to connect with prescribers like never before, maximizing your sales potential with unparalleled efficiency. Seamlessly manage your prescribers with a fully PMS-integrated custom-built CRM, create branded marketing materials, and gain valuable insights through advanced data analytics.

What is Dotti?

Connecting the Dots for Your Pharmacy’s Sales & Marketing Initiatives

Dotti: the coolest virtual Sales and Marketing assistant you will ever meet. Once you get to know her you will wonder how you lived this long without her. She will be an extended version of your pharmacy’s sales and marketing team.

• Custom-built CRM with YOUR prescribers plus a national database to pull from
• Custom-branded marketing materials for each physician specialty
• Data Analytics to show you the most profitable items and therapeutic categories

Tools to build your pharmacy’s Sales & Marketing Department: Rep agreements, P&P, hiring strategy, onboarding, training HCP lists, routing, targeting, custom-branded marketing materials, Rx Order Forms, Therapeutic Interchange Forms, processes and structure to attack a territory Data analytics to determine target niches, as well as a fully-integrated CRM with real-time PMS info and rep accountability.

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The Meaning Behind


The meaning of ATRIUM24 is built on two fundamentals that make up the core of our business.

The first fundamental piece, Atrium, means a constant heart. The atrium is part of your heart and has the core function of pumping blood. The second piece, 24, represents 24 hours in a day. We are at the heart of your business, the “atrium” pumping marketing, consulting, and data into your independent pharmacy 24 hours a day.

Another meaning of the word atrium is a focal gathering point of the building, which yields light and transparency. We encompassed this meaning of the word atrium, by connecting, gathering, and networking with independent pharmacies.

At ATRIUM24 we embody the full intent of our name by building strong relationships and supporting our passions for our fellow pharmacy owners, their employees, patients, and prescribers.


“Have been working with ATRIUM24 for over a year. Our experience has been very positive, both professionally, personally, on the bottom line, and most importantly, we have been able to generate positive patient outcomes in a population that has failed multiple therapies. They are an excellent group of people who provide novel, dynamic therapy solutions for patient populations in need of out of the box therapy. I Wholeheartedly recommend it.”

David Ruth
Owner, Pharmacist

“Nicolette Is A Pioneer Who Is Always Forward Thinking. She Is An Asset To Our Family Of Pharmacies.”

John Mcdaniel
Owner, Pharmacist

“Highly Recommend! Great Program With Novel Approaches.”

Fei Xiong
Owner, Pharmacist

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