Revolutionize Your Pharmacy’s Success

Unleashing Powerful Sales Systems for Unmatched Growth!

Welcome to a new era in pharmacy management!

We’re excited to present Dotti, the first CRM crafted exclusively for pharmacies. Say goodbye to generic solutions and embrace a tool designed to meet the unique needs of your pharmacy business. Saving you time and money!

Enhance Prescriber Relationships

Dotti’s full integration with your pharmacy software means that all of your prescriber data automatically populates creating a fully loaded CRM. This allows you to hit the ground running!

Branded Marketing Materials

Want to start calling on doctors TODAY but not sure what to bring? With our marketing materials you can start visiting offices as soon as you sign up for Dotti, with automatic logo branding. Just Print and go!

Access to Data Share

Ever wonder what other pharmacies are filling and if there is anything Profitable to fill in pharmacy? Well, wonder no longer. Our data share includes deidentified data from hundreds of participating pharmacies across the US. Be in the know!

Less Talk. More Action.


R Financial Visibility

R Performance Monitoring

R Strategic Decision Making

R Identifying Trends

R Communication & Transparency

R Early Issue Detection

R Market Intelligence

R Insurance & Payer Insights

R Prescription Data Analysis

R Profitability Analysis

R Financial Performance Evaluation

R Operational Efficiency

R Trend Analysis

R Data Driven Decision Making

R Centralized Customer Data

R HCP Management

R Sales Automation

R Marketing Campaigns

R Analytics & Reporting

R Communication Tracking

R Team Collaboration

R PMS Integration

R Smooth Onboarding

R Self Paced Learning

R Comprehensive training

R Accessibility

R Streamline Marketing Efforts

R Consistent Branding

R Time Efficiency

Revolutionize Your Sales System with Dotti

Your Ultimate CRM Solution!

Say goodbye to per-user fees and hello to unlimited possibilities for your pharmacy sales team. Try Dotti CRM today!


Who is Dotti?
She is the coolest virtual Sales and assistant you will ever meet.  Dotti is the first CRM built just for pharmacy. She will help keep your sales system running smoothly by integrating with your pharmacy’s software and keeping track of your sales calls.  Once you get to know her you will wonder how you lived this long without her. She will be an extended version of your pharmacy’s sales and marketing team. 

Go Meet Dotti!

What does Atrium24 do?

Atrium24 is a one stop shop for all things Sales and Marketing. We provide proprietary pharmacy sales and marketing software and consulting. Our data analytics, CRM and custom-branded marketing for 30+ prescriber specialties to grow your business.

Is Dotti replacing Atrium24?

Not at all. Dotti is powered by Atrium24. Atrium24 is and always will be focused on consulting with independent pharmacies. Dotti is the technology that we use to help consult with our pharmacies.

How much does Dotti Cost?
We Offer three membership tiers in our software, Dotti. Beta pricing is as follows:

BASIC: $99/pharmacy/month

PLUS: $495/pharmacy/month

PRO: $1,395/pharmacy/month. Each additional Pro pharmacy is $795/month

**Pricing is subject to change after beta.

Learn more about each membership on our Membership Page.

Can I cancel at any time?

Although there is a year long contract you can cancel at any time. You will be responsible for 60% of the remaining contract.

Does the software integrate with my pharmacy software?

Yes, Atrium24 is a one-way sync between your pharmacy software.

Yes, Atrium24’s software integrates with your Pharmacy’s software making it your one stop for everything sales and marketing.

We also integrate with a national NPI database, to pull local prescribers into your Dotti CRM tool.

Which Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS) do you integrate with?
Currently, we integrate with the following PMS’s. If yours isn’t listed, email and request that we reach out to your PMS on your behalf:

  • BestRx
  • Computer Rx
  • Cost effective
  • DRx
  • Liberty
  • Pioneer Rx
  • QS1
  • RX 30
  • Speed Scripts
  • SRS
  • VIP Pharmacy Software
Is there an extra fee to make the integration?

Nope! All integration fees are covered by Atrium24, with the exception of QS1, which requires pharmacies to have the Data Exporter tool internally.

Can I access the software from my iPad?

Yes, our software is cloud based and  can be accessed online, all you need is a web browser and internet connection.

Do I have to download it to my computer?

No, Atrium24 is cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to download, install, or worry about backing up information. You can access Atrium24 wherever you have internet access. Dotti will save you time and space on your devices!

What is Data Share?

Our Data Share membership allows you to securely visualize your Drug Reimbursement Trends by state.

Our Data Share monthly membership allows you to securely visualize your Drug Reimbursement trends by state to help you find out what drugs are most profitable in your area.

Will Other pharmacies be able to see my store's data?

No, all data is deidentified.

What happened to Premiere Marketing?

Premiere Marketing  has been changed to PRO and it is the ultimate package. This monthly membership combines all of the great programming that Atrium24 has to offer, providing the pharmacy with DOTTI  the most robust sales and marketing tools available in the market as well as DOTTI’s human friends.

Do I have to be a PRO Member to have a DOTTI of my very own?

No. We have created a new BASIC & PLUS membership type just for Dotti. This monthly subscription will allow you to have access to Dotti and her capabilities.

Do I get Consulting services with Dotti Basic & Dotti Plus?

No, but if you elevate your membership to PRO you get Dotti and her Human friends to help you and your pharmacy. You also get to customize your marketing material and really elevate your brand.

Why are my prescriber names showing up as NPI’s?

As Dotti starts to pull in data it shows up as an NPI number. After a few times logging into dotti  (up to 3 days) the NPI’s will be replaced with the prescribers name.

If a prescriber has multiple locations, will the View Performance button show all offices?

Yes, the “pin” is the prescriber’s NPI number.

How do I access Dotti?
Why is my Dashboard grayed out?

For Plus and Pro members, your data will be grayed out until your data is loaded from your PMS. This is dependent on your PMS and can take up to a week for it to fully integrate.

Is there really a Free Trial?

Yes! You can try Dotti out for 2 weeks.! You can cancel at any time ( but why would you).

Can I search for doctors in my area that are not in my PMS?

Yes. Dotti integrates with a National NPI database. Giving you access to search and add providers into your CRM with a click of a button.

Can I manually add providers to my CRM?

Yes, you are able to add a provider manually into Dotti.

How did you come up with the name Dotti?

Atrium24 helps pharmacies “connect the dots” for their sales and marketing initiatives so we figured there wasn’t a better name than Dotti for this CRM software.

Aren't there other CRM’s out there that I can use?

Yes, there are tons of CRM’s on the market but none of them integrate with your PMS, load your CRM and provide you with branded marketing materials that you can hit the streets with on DAY 1! Add in Dotti’s data analytics to see if your marketing efforts are working, and there is truly no comparison on the market today.

Will my rep see the same data I do?

No, well not unless you want them to. In Dotti there are 2 views, Admin and Sales Rep. If you choose to have your rep see everything you can , you can just add them in as an admin.


“Have been working with ATRIUM24 for over a year. Our experience has been very positive, both professionally, personally, on the bottom line, and most importantly, we have been able to generate positive patient outcomes in a population that has failed multiple therapies. They are an excellent group of people who provide novel, dynamic therapy solutions for patient populations in need of out of the box therapy. I Wholeheartedly recommend it.”

David Ruth
Owner, Pharmacist

“Nicolette Is A Pioneer Who Is Always Forward Thinking. She Is An Asset To Our Family Of Pharmacies.”

John Mcdaniel
Owner, Pharmacist

“Highly Recommend! Great Program With Novel Approaches.”

Fei Xiong
Owner, Pharmacist