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ATRIUM24 Provides Strategic Business Consulting. Our Proprietary Data Share Program Guides our Pharmacies’ Dispensing & Marketing initiatives, and Premiere Members enjoy Custom Branded Prescriber Materials.

Dr. Nicolette Mathey

Dr. Nicolette Mathey

Owner, PharmD, RPh 

Dr. Nicolette Mathey, PharmD, started working in pharmacy in 2003 as a clerk. Her passion for independent pharmacy grew and resulted in many exciting positions, from corporate Pharmacy Manager, to Transitions of Care pharmacist at a large health system, opening pharmacies and implementing meds-to-beds programs, to consulting for Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) full-time as their Director of Clinical Services and visiting over 100 pharmacies to perform onsite consulting and help implement their new programs.

Nicolette purchased Palm Harbor Pharmacy in her hometown in 2017, and has since grown and relocated it (in a Heat Zone!) This pharmacy serves as a true test kitchen for any new programs her consulting firm dreams up. ATRIUM24, a consulting firm meaning constant heart, was founded by Nicolette in 2019. With a focus on cash which include commercially available RXs as well as compounds, clinical niches, prescriber marketing strategies, RX Order Forms & Idea Sheets per specialty, custom branded pieces for her stores, as well as a robust Data Analytics program that continues to become more sophisticated and robust, nothing like what the ATRIUM24 team has built exists, and it’s only getting better!

Jen Rolewski

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jen Rolewski is relentless in developing and testing marketing programs for your independent pharmacy. Leading the team as the Director of Sales and Operations, she brings her 20 years of medical sales experience to ATRIUM24. Jen will help you develop your brand and find new ways to grow your business and dominate your market.

Jen has over a decade worth of experience and has held many different roles and positions within the health care industry. Jen has previously worked with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Company where she focused on selling multiple products across a multitude of specialties. Jen’s father was a pharmacist who owned and ran his own pharmacy for many years. She understands the importance of independent pharmacies as a staple to the community to provide not just medications but care and compassion to patients!

Anne West Circle

Dr. Anne West

Clinical Pharmacist

Dr. Anne West, PharmD, started her career in pharmacy as an intern in 2009. She graduated magna cum laude from The University of Florida College of Pharmacy in 2013 and spent the beginning of her career in big box retail positions.

Over the years she was able to serve a large community and hone her skills not only as a pharmacist but as a patient care advocate and leader within the pharmacy. Craving deeper relationships with patients and the ability to expand her craft she made her move into the world of independent pharmacy by joining Palm Harbor Pharmacy in early 2022. After developing and fine-tuning various clinical programs within the pharmacy, she joined Atrium24 to share her expertise on a larger scale. Within Atrium24 Annie focuses on clinical initiatives and member-specific projects.

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Dr. Nicolette Mathey
The Meaning Behind


The meaning of ATRIUM24 is built on two fundamentals that make up the core of our business.

The first fundamental piece, Atrium, means a constant heart. The atrium is part of your heart and has the core function of pumping blood. The second piece, 24, represents 24 hours in a day. We are at the heart of your business, the “atrium” pumping marketing, consulting, and data into your independent pharmacy 24 hours a day.

Another meaning of the word atrium is a focal gathering point of the building, which yields light and transparency. We encompassed this meaning of the word atrium, by connecting, gathering, and networking with independent pharmacies.

At ATRIUM24 we embody the full intent of our name by building strong relationships and supporting our passions for our fellow pharmacy owners, their employees, patients, and prescribers.

Pharmacist at Desk

Our Mission

Actionable Data For Independent Pharmacies  

At ATRIUM24 our goal is to provide independent pharmacies with the tools they need to run a profitable pharmacy. We are constantly working on creative ways to innovative.

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