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Grow Your Independent Pharmacy

Our software provides analytics that can help you carve out a profitable place for your pharmacy. For pharmacists-by-pharmacists, ATRIUM24 offers a unique solution for your independent pharmacy by providing valuable insights into your gross margin and tracking Aberrant quantities by pulling real-time data from your pharmacy software.  

Task Board

Ability to assign to yourself and/or your team and a great tool to organize your Sales & Marketing follow ups!

Data Share

• Access to De-identified claim’s dispensing aggregates
• Gain powerful Insights
• Learn what drugs are most profitable
• Compare trends by state

Doctor Detailing CRM
Our industry’s first Pharmacy-Specific CRM, custom built with the fields we need.
• Your prescribers from your PMS automatically load into Dotti CRM
• Ability to Add Prescribers easily from a National NPI Database search by specialty, zip code, name, etc.
• Manually add in any Prescriber/Clinic/etc. and enjoy the custom CRM format a pharmacy needs
Webinar Recordings and eCourses
• Online learning modules in video and digital print formats
• Many Sales & Marketing topics are included
General Branded Marketing Content
• Letterhead
• Business Cards
• Folder
• Bag Stuffers
and More!
GLP Branded Marketing Materials
• Patient and provider Sell Sheets
• Bag Tags
• Rx Order Forms
and More!
Clinical Marketing Materials
Load your logo & immediately put your logo on hundreds of marketing materials
Full Sales Dashboard

Performance Overview: Gross Profit, Cost of Goods, Gross Revenue, Script Count

Top Prescribers List: Rx Numbers & Gross Profit

Top Scripts List: Rx Numbers & Gross Profit

Latest CRM Activity: Real-Time Pharmacy CRM activity on the homepage.

Aberrant Dispensing & Gross Margin Meter

• Ensure efficient management of your dispensing process as it relates to the ever-changing CVS Carmark Aberrant dispensing list
• Monitoring your Gross Margin is essential for long term success and sustainability

My Data - Prescriber Performance

• View your pharmacies most important metrics, Gross profit, Cost of Goods, Top Prescribers ( GP or Rx Count) and much more.
• Refine data from the dashboard and CRM to create a more detailed perspective.
• Analyze prescriber performance data: gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts, identify opportunities for growth, and optimize your prescriber relationships to achieve your business objectives.

Sales Rep Resources

Uncertain about managing your Sales Representative effectively? We offer assistance with various aspects including job postings, KPI tracking sheets, offer letters, compensation models, and more.

Sales System Development

Let us help you develop your Sales System. A well-designed sales system provides a structured framework for generating revenue, managing customer relationships, and driving business growth. It enables organizations to streamline their sales processes, maximize sales productivity, and achieve sustainable success.

Pharmacy Brand Kit

Elevate your brand on hundreds of marketing materials. We ensure all your existing materials harmonize seamlessly with your new branded materials. We offer comprehensive services including logo design and creation of any supplementary items required to enhance your brand presentation. From crafting logos to designing business cards, rack cards, letterhead, and more, our brand kit encompasses all essential elements.

Custom Branded Sales Collateral*

We produce a maximum of two items monthly, such as Sell Sheets, brochures, rack cards, or order forms, tailored to your vision. Utilizing your brand kit alongside our sales, clinical, and graphic design proficiency, we bring your ideas to fruition.

Access to Sales, Clinical & Graphic Design Experts*
• 2 hours per month of 1 on 1 consulting
• Sales, Operations & Clinical experts at your fingertips!

Sales: Are you struggling to determine who to approach, when, and what message to convey? We offer assistance in this regard.

Clinical: Are you interested in crafting personalized RX Order forms but unsure about the appropriate strengths and SIGS to incorporate? We provide guidance.

Operations: Are you facing challenges with pharmacy operations and uncertain about where to seek solutions? We're here to assist.

* 2 hours of consulting calls per month. We design one custom marketing piece at a time.

2 Week Trial for Basic and Plus membership tiers. Get started today with no commitment and experience the pharmacy-specific Sales & Marketing tool with our industry’s first CRM to manage and grow prescriber relationships.

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