Start with Six: An Intro Guide to ATRIUM24’s Cash Clinical Program
By Dr. Nicolette Mathey

“Start with Six” is more than just a quippy catchphrase — it’s the foundation of ATRIUM24’s new Cash Clinical program. We’ve been hyping up this course for weeks, and now that we are just days from its early June launch, we wanted to provide a quick primer on what it means to get started with a cash clinical model and why you’ll want to register for our new program.

Before we get too far into this, let’s talk about the crux of the Cash Clinical program, which aims to guide independent pharmacists down a pathway to healthier patients and profits. We’ll be introducing you to TW Taylor and Jamie Reid of the Williamsburg Drug Company, an innovative pharmacy practice in Williamsburg, Virginia, that has found a niche with supplements, clinical testing, patient consultations and workshops.

The Cash Clinical course gives you insights into not only how TW and Jamie launched their program but also how they’ve been able to maintain and even grow that program. All pharmacists know that we should be consulting patients on topics that matter like nutrient depletion, but how many of us have established the guardrails and processes to adequately answer that call? TW and Jamie have, and after you take the Cash Clinical course, you can hopefully say the same.

So, back to “Start with Six.” That’s our mantra for the program, and it refers to the six supplements you should start with as part of your cash clinical model. Those supplements are Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Multivitamin, CoQ10, Probiotic and Zinc.

You may already sell some or all of these products in your store, but the key to our program is that we’ll help you brand and privately label high-quality versions you can call your own. Once you’re comfortable with supplements, the next evolutionary step in the cash clinical model is testing patients to see what is missing from their chemical make-up.

TW and Jamie will explain their workflows and processes, including how they’ve integrated a phlebotomist into the mix to take the blood for analysis. Solutions Rx and Ortho Molecular are two vendors that can also be particularly helpful since each has materials and training on the supplements and testing for nutrient depletion.

What the Williamsburg Drug Company has done is nothing short of remarkable. TW and Jamie have grown from simply filling prescriptions to conducting “Wellness Wednesday” events, seminars, offering supplement subscription services, and measuring patients’ intracellular micronutrient levels, among other things. They have perfected a cash clinical model, and now they want to teach it to you.

No pharmacist has ever aspired to just stand behind a counter and dole out meds all day. We all want to help people in a deep and meaningful way, and I believe the tips you’ll receive in our Cash Clinical program can make that happen for you.

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